Greg Rutter's Second Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're A Loser or Old or Something

(In No Particular Order)

01) Badgers Badgers Badgers
02) Lightning Bolt
03) Play Him Off Keyboard Cat
04) Drinking Out Of Cups
05) Star Wars Trumpet
06) Autotune The News
07) Don Hertzfeldt's "Rejected"
08) Bear Attack Local News
09) Gingers Do Have Souls
10) Blood
11) Texts From Last Night
12) Canceled World Of Warcraft Freakout
13) Jesus Held Hostage
14) Chubby dances to Beyonce Single Ladies
15) Simon's Cat
16) Maru And The Small Box
17) Maru And The Big Box
18) Crying Sorority Girl
19) Shoes
20) Christian Bale Freak Out
21) Ladder Promo Goes Wrong
22) Home Shopping Ladder Blooper
23) Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video
24) Tom Cruise Scientology Video
25) Reporter And Anchor Fight On Live TV
26) Apache
27) Seven Legged Spider
28) Brokeback To The Future
29) Drunk History Vol. 1
30) Otter's Holding Hands
31) Recordable Cylinder accident
32) End of Ze World
33) What What In The Butt
34) Nintendo 64
35) Mark Gormley's "Without You"
36) Hamster Mug Shot
37) 7-Year-Old Takes Car On Joyride
38) S*** My Dad Says
39) Alice
40) Ninja Cat Comes Closer While Not Moving!
41) Lip dub of Flag Pole Sitta
42) Show Me Your Genitals
43) Cat On A Roomba
44) Denny Blaze Average Homeboy
45) The Bed Intruder Song
46) Kittens Inspired By Kittens
47) Inmates Dancing To Thriller
48) 2 Girls 1 Cup Grandma Reaction Video
49) Two Cats Talking To Each Other
50) LonelyGirl15
51) The Show with Ze Frank
52) Slap Chop Rap
53) F*** My Life
54) Dick In A Box (Uncensored)
55) Jonathan Coulton
56) Red House Furniture
57) Turtle Has Sex With Shoe
58) Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog
59) Penis Power
60) Interior Crocodile Alligator
61) Surfer On The News
62) Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle
63) Photobombers
64) Baman Piderman
65) Boxxy
66) Inspired Bicycles By Danny MacAskill
67) Monkey Waiters
68) Homemade Waterslide
69) Breakdancing Baby
70) Greyson Chance Performs "Paparazzi"
71) Perfect-o-date
72) Dude Perfect (Amazing Basketball Shots)
73) JK Wedding Entrance Dance
74) Yes We Can
75) Her Morning Elegance
76) The Chairperson Falls
77) Noah Takes A Photo Of Himself Every Day For 6 Years
78) The Fall Of Edgar
79) Sweedish TV Host Pukes
80) I Can Break These Cuffs
82) Crazy Frog Brothers
83) Spiders On Drugs
84) Peter Pan Guy
85) I Kiss You
86) Big Dog
88) Banana Phone
89) XKCD
90) Wii Fit Hula Girl
91) You Suck At Photoshop
92) Canon Rock
93) One Red Paperclip
94) Million Dollar Homepage
95) Look At This F***ing Hipster
96) A Vodka Movie by Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric
97) How To Start A Dance Party
98) Seeing My Dog The Day I Got Back From Afghanistan
99) Epic Beard Man

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